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“LA Healthcare Design Inc. Introduces Healing Interior Design for Patients & Physicians.” -Newswire 

Building a successful MedSpa starts with intentional design.

We are here to create a beautiful and relaxing space for you and your patients to feel the moment they walk in. Design is not limited to just the aesthetics; we design with the intent to provide a full sensory experience – one that awakens all five senses: sight, touch, hearing, smell, and taste.


Our Solution

We are here to hold your hand from the beginning to end, to take the time consuming tasks away so you can focus on what you love to do most.


15 Years of Experience

We understand the construction standards, compliance, drawings, and management needed to make your dream space into a reality.


Our 3 phase process provides you with a stress-free full design service: Conceptual Design, Construction Drawings, & Project management


Color and Texture

With thoughtful consideration of how colors affect you and your patient’s moods, we curate a selection of colors for your space to create the atmosphere that you desire. For example: Colors such as blue and light gray often offers a calming and welcoming atmosphere.

We also pick out  textures to adds visual interest and balance by adding depth and shadows. For example, surfaces in smooth and silky finishes are calm and resembles that of a stream

Dr. J.’s Plastic Surgery Office


Lighting design act as an essential role in setting the right mood and balancing the ambiance of your medical space.  Our designers approach lighting with the intent to help create functional spaces that can adjust to your patients’ needs.

Your interior cannot be experienced to the fullest without proper lighting. Good lighting assures a warm, welcoming, and functional environment.

Waiting room for Plastic Surgery Office 1

Space Planning and Ergonomics

We design the perfect space for you and your patients for maximum efficiency. Through thorough analysis of traffic flow, we apply our space planning process so  patients can easily move around and feel comfortable in your practice.

Our designers are experienced in designing all types of workspaces, such as the reception area, waiting area, consultation room, and surgery room.

Waiting room for Plastic Surgery Office 1
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