Farewell, LA Healthcare Design

Farewell, LA Healthcare Design

After several years serving medical practitioners and creating phenomenal healing spaces with LA Healthcare Design, I decided it was time to change. I felt now was the time for expansion and growth.

LA Healthcare Design has served us so well. After over 4 years, we have

  • refined our team to 12 amazing members
  • Onboarded over 150 projects
  • Made phenomenal friends with people all over the country
  • However, I felt like I have reached the ceiling as LA Healthcare Design and wanted a new space to grow

Hence, the birth of Simour Interior Design.

As Simour Design, we have the capacity to spread our wings all throughout the world, bring us closer to our mission of healing the world. I look forward to the amazing challenges, joys, and lessons that come with the new brand.

I am so excited to share this journey with you as we continue to grow and follow our passions.

Looking forward,

Mitra Silva
Simour Design

Mitra Pakdaman Silva

Mitra Pakdaman is the founder of LA Healthcare Design Inc., a Los Angeles-based interior design studio. Utilizing over ten years of in-field experience, she brings her elegant and innovative design concepts to the healthcare industry.
Mitra Pakdaman Silva

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