Mitra Pakdaman Silva is the founder of LA Healthcare Design Inc., a Los Angeles-based interior design studio. Utilizing over ten years of in-field experience, she brings her elegant and innovative design concepts to the healthcare industry.

Mitra received the bulk of her interior design experience at the award-winning company HLW. As a member of their design team, she was involved in design development for Walt Disney®, ESPN®, HBO®, Intuit®, and Equinox®. Since her time at HLW, Mitra has worked independently on upscale hospitality, commercial and residential projects. She now heads LA Healthcare Design Inc., creating state-of-the-art healthcare facilities locally and internationally.

Her own experience over the years led her to the realization that there was a need for spaces that offer patients and staff an environment that better supports healing services. “Time after time, I found myself in medical and dental offices that were dreary or poorly lit or in disrepair. Instead of a comforting space, I was often in rooms that made me anxious or uncomfortable. This was how my vision began, as a patient. I believe that the proper design can create a flow that positively influences productivity and the mood of each person who interacts in that space.” At LA Healthcare Design Inc., Mitra creates spaces that meld design and functionality, beauty as well as flow.

Mitra volunteers her time to philanthropic endeavors, such as the design consultation and space planning for the New Design Charter School in downtown Los Angeles and bathroom remodeling for the Santa Monica Aquarium: Heal the Bay project. Fulfilling a decade-long vision, she has initiated projects in Barron, Mexico as well as in Kenya and Burkina Faso in Africa.  Her hope is to bring together conscious and dedicated doctors from around the world to provide quality and affordable healthcare to the local communities.  Mitra received her B.S. in Interior Design from California State University of Northridge, and currently resides in Los Angeles, California.



Ana is a seasoned Interior Designer for commercial spaces (Retail, Hospitality & Healthcare).

She believes that Interior Design is beyond just a beautiful design, it’s both an art and science for enhancing interiors where both functionality and environmental health are harmoniously paired for an aesthetically pleasing space.  

LAHD Jillian


Jillian has over six years of professional experience in the field of Architecture and Interior Design. Aside from ensuring the harmonious flow of space plan and design, she also pays close attention to details on how the designs will be carried out. Whenever creating plans and designs, she always considers the effect it will have not only to the client, but more importantly to patients, staff, and visitors.

LAHD Regine


Regine handles both design and logistical planning of various projects. She emphasizes the importance of maintaining close coordination and a strong bond of trust with her team. She is always fascinated on how design is not purely just on aesthetics but more importantly, how it largely affects the behavior of people who utilize the space.


Veana always takes into account the execution of the detailed design. She usually researches and studies for the methodology and guidelines of every detail. For her, architecture and interiors are NOT just art, they’re also sciences. She believes that creating healing spaces comes from the heart – empathy for the users will lead us to the right plans and designs.

LAHD Farid


Farid has a multi-disciplinary vision for a diverse range of projects and challenges. He is a dreamer and maker of a world fully based in user-centered design. He takes design as its original root in Latin: to give a meaning, a purpose. From there, he works to provide the best experience to those who interact with healing spaces.


Russel is a 3D artist with six years of industry experience. He specializes in photoreal 3D rendering but has worn many hats over the years. He works closely with designers and clients to create their vision, conceive designs, and make the magic of their ideas come to life through photos and videos.